Since the start of the company, technological innovation has always been PEP ARAB utmost driving force delivering forefront innovative technologies for the automation industry.

Innovations and Intellectual Properties

Understanding customer’s needs while leveraging on the current leading industrial technologies to develop our patented technologies. The company have mastered and owned some patented technologies in the areas of computer’s kernel, embedded control, field bus, industrial Ethernet, network, reliability design, signal processing, industrial communication and automation, and much more.

A Focus Team

Our team has been dedicated to research and development along with product improvement satisfying the market demand. The focus is on cost and energy saving, effectiveness, performance, quality, and safety. The team owns numerous practical experiences and know-how delivering specialized and customized solutions for the critical demanding process automation industry. Our R&D strength, competency, and knowledge lie in many areas such as hardware development, software development for control application, software system development, industry networking, fieldbus communications, embedded control, data acquisition and processing, safety and system reliability design.

Contributing To the Industries

Contributing to the industries is also part of our important strategies. We have established an extensive two-way relationship sharing technologies, knowledge, and experience with many well-known universities and research institutions. We have also taken part in establishing system and technical design for the industrial national standards.  

Future Ready New Products

The focus today is on developing future-ready new products in the application for process automation, industrial automation, power plant automation, transport automation for railway and subway. Software information management platform also plays a critical role in automation in which continuous development and improvement is important for our existing clients.

Production Facilities

PEP ARAB is equipped with one of the most advanced facilities and has introduced many kinds of high-performance and specialized assembly tools including the surface mounting, assembly, and wave soldering equipment. The assembly lines are equipped with many proprietary testing devices and precision instruments with many measures taking care of efficiency, quality, safety, and many other production requirements.

To ensure the reliability of our products, our electronic components and chipsets are procured from international vendors and distributors through a strict selection process.

A systematic and standardized manufacturing procedure guarantees high productions qualities. By complying strictly with our technical production documents, all production procedures such as welding, assembling, and testing have to undergo a strict quality inspection ensuring the finest, reliable, and quality products produced.