The oil and gas industry relies heavily on automation, control and industrial safety systems to meet regulatory requirements, increase process reliability and reduce operational costs.  

PEP ARAB offers Management Information Systems, SCADA, Programmable Logic Controllers, Fire & Gas and Emergency Shutdown Systems to improve the regulatory compliance, safety and performance of oil and gas companies.

Secure, remote pipeline monitoring and control systems for

the oil and gas industries

A typical transportation and distribution system for natural gas or liquid hydrocarbons can extend hundreds of miles and comprise thousands of sensors, valves, pumps and controllers. A major challenge faced by the oil and gas companies is to connect all of these devices to regional or headquarters control rooms, and to monitor them remotely 24 hours a day through an efficient remote monitoring and control system. As leader in industrial automation, we are ideally positioned to offer you proven, reliable solutions to these challenges.

Centralized monitoring and control of remote production and transport facilities are assured with our Smart SCADA. It enables you to reduce your costs by optimizing your operational efficiency.

Smart SCADA mobility solutions also provide greater flexibility, decreased downtime, increased productivity and a lower total cost of ownership by allowing your employees to be mobile and giving them the freedom to observe operations first hand.. Our mobility solutions can enhance your operations by creating a system that is truly tailored to the demands of the oil and gas industries.

Because no two oil and gas pipelines are identical in size or layout, our SCADA solutions are scalable and easily configured for remote monitoring and control. Our systems can be scaled to fit any size pipeline and ensure round-the-clock reliability. Safety, custody and pipeline integrity – all serious concerns for the oil and gas industries – are assured, minimizing the margin for failure. Users can safely access information located anywhere on the network, whether in the pipeline or on the loading dock. With access controlled by passwords and a multi-level security system, an entire process can be securely monitored and controlled from any Smart SCADA work station.

Our powerful reporting solution, Smart SCADA Reports, provides you with valuable and timely data from across your enterprise anywhere, anytime and to any authorized user..