To achieve and maintain competitiveness, the Chemical and Petrochemical industries are under increasing pressure to improve safety and environmental commitment, equipment availability, costs and operational efficiency. The natural place to look for these improvements is through investments in process control and automation technologies.

PEP ARAB, offers a range of solutions to improve the operational performance of the Chemical and Petrochemical industries, including Management Information Systems, OEE Systems, Distributed Control Systems, SCADA, Programmable Logic Controllers, Fire & Gas, Emergency Shutdown Systems

PEP ARAB recognized there was a need for a reliable solution provider to serve the Chemical and Petrochemical industries with a range of management information, process control and manpower solutions. Since then we have been heavily involved in designing and implementing solutions for these industries.

Access to valuable real-time information is the key to safety and productivity in chemical manufacturing. Our process control software solutions will provide you with the access you seek:

  • Smart SCADA for monitoring and control of your operations
  • Smart SCADA Reports for process analysis, reporting and optimization

Our products can be tailored to the particular requirements of the chemical industry, allowing compliance with the strict regulations associated with your field.

Our automation solutions ensure your chemical production processes:

  • Remain within prescribed safety limits
  • Maintain optimum product quality
  • Maximize yield and throughput via an efficient environmental monitoring and control system.

Unify data storage, publishing and analysis across your HMI, SCADA and database platforms. Your operators benefit from readily available and easy-to-understand process status information. Powerful data acquisition capabilities help your plant manager minimize energy consumption and monitor the entire chemical plant environment.