Monitoring and control System specifically designed for Facilities Management

Integrate multiple building automation and facilities management system to effectively monitor and control security and access control: HVAC (heating, chillers, ventilation, and air filtration), electrical distribution and energy use, lighting, fire detection and suppression, elevators, reporting and preventative maintenance.

Building and facilities management has evolved into a complex, multi-faceted field that requires you to oversee a plethora of automation systems, each with their own communications protocols. Bringing those systems together into one single facilities management system gives you the convenience and efficiency of centralized access and control.

Our dedicated facilities management system, PEP ARAB offers a specialized solution for the facilities and building automation industries, providing system management and environmental control from the world leader in remote monitoring and control systems. Our solutions integrates climate, lighting and other controllable systems, in single or multiple sites, to create an enterprise-wide monitoring and control system.

Our building automation and facilities management system can be scaled to fit any size building, complex or large, integrated facility. It centralizes operations across all size networks and ensures round-the-clock reliability and regulatory compliance. A library of specialized graphics makes the creation of custom displays simple and shortens the development and training phases.

Whether implemented as a standalone environmental control system or integrated with our powerful reporting and archiving tool, Smart SCADA Reports, a solution will lower your overall operating costs, including energy costs; improve and reduce the cost of tenant services; improve staff utilization and efficiency and protect your existing and future investments by using a highly flexible system with unrivalled connectivity that enables you to expand while still retaining your existing equipment