Remotely monitor and control water and wastewater treatment facilities over large areas

The collection, treatment and distribution systems for a metropolitan water and wastewater treatment and monitoring facility typically covers hundreds or even thousands of square miles. Water levels may need to be monitored on distant reservoirs and lakes; chemical treatments and flow rates controlled in multiple tanks and lagoons; pumps operated at lift stations and regulatory reports generated for local and federal authorities.

As a pioneer and industry leader in remote monitoring and control systems for the water and wastewater treatment industry, our Smart SCADA system can be scaled to fit any size water treatment facility or combination of utilities, while it centralizes management and ensures round-the-clock reliability and regulatory compliance. It has the proven ability to operate over large networks with different types of communications, including auto dialers, wireless networking and other SCADA-based systems. We offer you the benefit of over 10 years of experience and are proud to be involved in building leading edge water treatment projects

Smart SCADA provides you with safe, cost-effective and reliable control over your water and wastewater treatment plant processes. Whether implemented as a standalone system or integrated with Smart SCADA Reports for site-wide data transfer and reporting, our Smart SCADA solution ensures your enterprise of continuous monitoring and control over plant operations such as: wastewater collection systems, water distribution systems, pump stations, sewer diversion, wet weather overflow protection, water irrigation systems, weather monitoring, remote operations and pumps and RTUs.

Smart SCADA mobility solutions can also provide you with greater flexibility, decreased downtime, increased productivity and a lower total cost of ownership by allowing your employees to be mobile and giving them the freedom to observe operations first hand. Our mobility solutions can enhance your operations by creating a system that is truly tailored to the demands of the water and wastewater treatment industry.