smart io


  • A Controller based on Real-Time Computer Technology
  • Distributed Intelligent I/O System
  • Programmable with all 5 IEC1131-3 Languages
  • Application SW compatible with VME and IUC Systems
  • Programmable in ANSI-’C’
  • Embedded Real-Time O/S with Multitasking ability
  • Reduced Cabling and Maintenance costs
  • Standard and Extended Operating Temperature ranges

The Smart 1 concept is based on a cost effective open system for industrial automation and real-time computing.Derived from the PEP VME 3U technology ,SMART 1 is 100% application software compatible with VME9000 and IUC9000 controllers.


DC-DC Converter
Two isolated (1000V DC) 5V Output Channels

Input 18V-36V DC, 24V DC (Nominal)

Outputs 1 & 2 Isolated 5V DC @ 1.2A (system)

Isolated 5V DC @ 150mA (RS485)

MC68302 @ 20MHz
EPROM and/or FLASH up to 2 MByte

512 kByte DRAM

64 kByte SRAM with battery backup

Serial RS232 Modem compatible

Isolated RS485 (PROFIBUS) up to 500 kbit/s

SPI/SPC local interface & RTC

Isolated timer I/O with:

Tin (20 kHz),Tout (5 kHz)

Gate (24V DC)

Interrupt Vectors
10ms (100 Hz) IRQ6

24-bit timer IRQ4

Parallel I/O (4 lines) IRQ1

Data Retention
3V, 190mA button lithium cell (standard temperature)

3V, 850mA cylinder lithium cell (extended – E2 temperature)

Housing for DIN-rail mounting

3 slots for SMART-Modules on the SMART-BASE

2 slots for each SMART-EXT

RJ45 for RS232 interface

9-pin D-Sub connector for the RS485 (PROFIBUS) interface

Screw Terminal Connectors
Array 2×3 and 2×7

Mating Cycles 100

Contact Resistance <5m.

Max.Amperage 6A

Operating Voltage <250V

OS-9 v3.0x real-time kernel (disk-based as standard)

PROFIBUS layer 2 & 7 v.3.12

IEC 1131-3 with ISaGRAF for Windows

Power Consumption
SMART-BASE: 1500/1700mW

PROFIBUS: 250/750mW

SM-slots: <300mW

SMART-EXT: 15/35mW

Dimensions (mm) l, w, h
SMART-BASE: 247.5 x 114.5 x 86.8

SMART-EXT: 110.0 x 114.5 x 86.6

Operating Temperature
Standard: 0؛C to +70؛C

Extended: -40؛C to +85؛C

Operating Humidity
Up to 95% non-condensing
Free-air convection