Measuring, scaling & counting tasks are a necessity in industrial applications.
To cover the various needs, PEP ARAB offers SM-COUNT2.
The former provides a sophisticated incremental encoder interface with versatile operating modes while the latter possesses two counters that can be cascaded to double the resolution.

► 16/32-bit count-up
► 3 differential optoisolated inputs
► ±5V,±12V,±24V DC input range
► 300 kHz input filter
► LED status indicators


Function : Two 16-bit cascadable up counters
Inputs : One differential Tin input and one differential Gate

per counter; one common Clear

Input Voltages : 5V DC ± 5%; 12V DC ± 25%; 24V DC ± 25%
Input Current : 10mA (typ.)
Input Frequency : Default 300kHz
Switching Level : 1.55V DC, 6.7V DC and 15.1V DC respectively
Function : 1 inductive-load protected MATCH output / counter
Output Voltage : 24V DC ± 25%
Output Current : 100mA (max.)
Output Frequency : <100kHz (1:1 duty cycle)
Counter Resolution : 16-bit (or 32-bit when cascaded)
Isolation : 2.5 kV optoisolated from the system
Front Panel : 2 yellow counter LEDs
Weight : 48g
Power Cons. : 350mW (min.), 370mW (max.)
Temp. Ranges : 0ºC to +70ºC

-40ºC to +85ºC (opt. E2)

-55ºC to +85ºC (storage)

Humidity : 5% to 95% non-condensing