Legislation, regulations, tight margins and increases in competition are driving food and beverage manufactures to invest in automation, control and traceability systems to increase production efficiency and profitability.  

PEP ARAB offers a range of solutions to assist food and beverage manufacturers in their quest to reduce batch variability, downtime and waste, whilst improving productivity and product traceability

The recipe for success in

the Food and Beverage manufacturing industry

Mix reliability and flexibility with a range of powerful features for the food and beverage industry and get improved profitability and compliance with government regulations.

The automation of data collection and process control is essential for today’s food and beverage producers who seek to maximize productivity and improve quality assurance reporting. As a leader in industrial automation, we are well placed to help you gain that competitive edge. Our suite of smart products will integrate seamlessly with your manufacturing processes to help you get the most out of your system.

It’s an established fact that manufacturing automation increases food and beverage profitability and product consistency. At the same time, we understand that margins remain consistently tight, often reducing available budgets. When the capital costs of control automation – especially for small to medium plants – seem out of reach, a highly scalable approach, like Smart SCADA which uses commercial off-the-shelf components and Windows-based open systems, permits a cost-effective implementation and upgrades for any size operation

Put simply, our award-winning solutions are the easiest way for you to ensure FDA readiness.


Smart SCADA enables you to lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by delivering a highly flexible, scalable batch management solution to increase your productivity and achieve consistent high quality. Providing unrivalled reliability, this easy-to-use offering integrates tightly with your existing systems and facilitates compliance with international regulations.Our reporting software delivers relevant and timely data throughout your enterprise, allowing the easy and efficient generation of FDA-ready food and beverage reports.