Special Thanks to IMC (Our Success Partner)

Business strategy:

From partnership point of view, PEP ARAB top management has established their business cooperation policy based on building up to date technologies and experiences with their partners and clients. We do respect our clients, we are committed to meet our clients’ requirements, offer the best value, and grant considerable attention to their experiences.

Policy aims to: 

Provide the best helpful advice, assisted work-flow transactions, and recommend solution to leave our customers in their own control.

We are committed to provide a personalized solutions, personalized contents, with a dynamic pricing relationship for our partners and clients. Provide security with full supporting services, enforced with integration functions and facilities with our partners.

We do work with all of our clients as partners applying the act in customer interest business relation

Market Segmentation

PEP ARAB group gears towards market segmentation. These target markets are:

  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA)
  • Process Automation (PA)
  • Building Automation (BMS)
  • Factory Automation (FA)

Vertical Market Focus

PEP ARAB defines several markets as its business focus. Our products development, marketing strategy, organization transformation and partnership policies are all synchronized to build up a solid foundation to serve these vertical markets

Partner Zone

Partnerships will continue to contribute to revenue growth. PEP ARAB has developed relationships with technological partners where we can add value, or when the added value for us is recognized.

PEP ARAB has executed and will continue to execute well on our partnership relationships, from initial formation, through to executing of integration requirements and deliverables, to supporting partners’ business initiatives.

We are committed to offer our partners the same high level of service and expertise that we offer to our clients. Partnership relationships will be core part of our business strategy that we expect it to grow internationality and all over our Arabic area